Kramer and Goel Team Plagiarized Vote for Millburn Press Release

This is a departure from our positive, community-focused campaign because our opponents have engaged in plagiarism of our campaign messaging. We believe that it is an important revelation about the lack of integrity, honesty, and character of our opponents.

On October 2, the Vote for Millburn campaign team published a press release regarding a meeting with Merrywood Nottingham residents to hear about their concerns regarding the perceived lack of transparency in recent Historical Preservation Commission proceedings.

On October 13, the Kramer and Goel team posted a Letter to the Editor that had multiple passages blatantly plagiarized from our press release. These candidates claim to show "honesty, transparency, and integrity." 

(Note: the original letter was pulled by the TAP after the editor was alerted to the plagiarism. A slightly modified version of their letter has since been resubmitted by our opponents' team.)

Actions speak louder than words.

Do these actions by the Kramer and Goel team show "honesty, transparency, and integrity"?

You be the judge.